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Google AdWords Updates for July 2018

Here are the latest Google AdWords updates as of July 2018.

  • LinkedIn has redesigned the reporting feature in campaign manager.
  • Find out what SKAGs are and when to use them.
  • Instagram has introduced shopping ads to stories. It was very much expected since the
    active users on Instagram is growing exponentially.
  • Google expanding store visitation and local conversion reporting.

BIG changes coming to Google ads.

Here’s what you need to know about July 2018 Google AdWords updates.

  • Google will soon add “Hotel ads” as a new campaign type within the GoogleAds
  • Using redirects can cost you quality score in AdWords. Here’s why.
  • Although In-market audience has been around since 2014, Google is NOW allowing this
    kind of targeting in search ads. Find out if it’s beneficial for you.
  • Google’s new responsive search ads seem pretty effective.
  • Not getting any fresh ideas for your next Facebook/Insta campaign? Take inspiration
    from these ad campaigns.
  • 6 Best Practices for Responsive Ads on the Google Display Network.
  • Bing Ads have made it easy for you to try their ad platforms by introducing Automatic
  • Paid branded search does matter. Here’s a case study of a company that learned it the
    hard way.


  • Responsiveness is very important because it holds a strong potential for traffic determination. And that’s the reason why Google removed advertisers ability to create or edit standard text for display network campaign. Here’s how you can use it your advantage.
  • Instagram stories are one of the best ways to catch your prospects attention because unlike ads, you get a full page to showcase your message and creativity. In a recent study, Facebook found out the best way to use the Insta stories to drive business results. Here is the link.
  • The new Google keyword planning tool: What’s really new and how to use it to its full potential.
  • Message reporting delivers new performance insights for click-to-message ads.
  • Quora Ads now offers List Match Audiences. You can now upload a list of email addresses and create a List Match Audience on Quora.
  • There are many occasions when we see a spike or dip in the performance & then have to dig into the account for an explanation. Soon it will be a hassle-free affair since Google has announced many productivity updates for new AdWords interface.
  • Promoting apps on Google play is not an easy task. To counter this problem, Google is releasing new ad formats. Learn more about the upcoming ad formats
  • Check out the new ways to fully utilize the combined power of Google & YouTube in AdWords.
  • Is your nonprofit organization involved with the Google Ad Grants Program? If yes then check out this article because the rules have changed.
  • Save time and efforts by using this Free script that automatically puts pivoted AdWords data in a spreadsheet.
  • Pinterest is testing shopping ads format on a much larger scale. Once rolled out, this will automatically turn your product catalog into actionable ads.
  • AdWords Version history lets you see the previous versions of your ads and how they performed. So you can compare all the version and use the one that yields best results.
  • In a bid to make the search engine result page cleaner, Bing has announced that they will soon be removing ride side ads from the SERP.
  • Some networks are better than others for targeting particular audience segments. Here’s how to choose the right platform.
  • Bing ad’s Account level association for ad extensions allows you to add and edit ad extensions at the account level.
  • The ADworld Experience 2018, the largest PPC only event in the world has released their detailed agenda. Have a look.



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