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How People Find Your Business (Products & Services)

Local search! People find businesses through the internet, and websites that are optimized for local search get found first! What does this mean? If you have a website and it isn’t optimized for a local search (SEO) campaign then it won’t be found before your competitor’s site. The reason for this, your competition is spending the few extra dollars to have their website optimized on a monthly basis so that it maintains it’s well ranked positioning on popular search engines like Google.

Yes, word of mouth and newspaper advertising are close seconds and thirds but that’s just what they are, seconds and thirds. The number ONE way people find your business product and service is to look it up online. You need to understand this if you want to be the competitor who is found first and retains the business opportunity!

What people look for are websites that pop up first on Google and businesses that are close by. Your website needs to include a few more things however, correct contact information and an easy way to actually connect with you. Second, your products must be displayed and described briefly and correctly. People want information when they want it and in our digital world, that is NOW! provides each and every one of its clients with individual research to implement unique and powerful Search Engine Strategies that boost their ROI.

5 Steps to Creating “Ambient Awareness” With SEO!

The world of business is always changing and looking for the next big thing. This is one of the thing s that makes this business so exciting. There is never a time when it is ok to sit back and watch or wait. In the world of business if you are not moving forward then you are being bypassed by the competition. If you are looking for the next big thing in business then there are a few things that you need to understand.

One of the best new trends in the world of business is the study of how people think and process information. An industry term for finding this information is called ambient awareness. This is a very exciting new field that seeks to take information from the people and use this information in such a way as to draw these people into your particular business arena. This is not some kind of secret operation handled by the government but rather this is the new world of business. Lets look at ambient awareness and how this can work for you in the world of SEO and web design.

The first step in ambient awareness is understanding what ambient awareness is. Ambient awareness is the act of understanding what a person or a business is looking for based solely on the comments they make in social media mediums such as Facebook or twitter. In normal situations little thought is given to what a person has to say in one status update or even a small tweet. However, when these items are looked at as a whole, the picture of the individual becomes much clearer. Ambient awareness simply means that you are willing to look at the whole picture.

Second, it is important to understand SEO. This is a fancy way of saying search engine optimization. This is the practice of making your web site more efficient. This becomes possible when you understand the topics of interest that people are looking for. When you understand what people are looking for then you have a better chance of offering them what they want.

Third, when coupled together, SEO and ambient awareness are a team that never quits. If you have the ability to understand a persons social media habits and are able to couple that with an ability to properly use SEO, your business will skyrocket. So how can you create this ambient awareness?

Fourth, spending time in social media venues is the most important thing that you can do. Interact with your friends and relatives. Pay attention to what they are sharing. Do their posts reflect the current media trends? Are they referencing anything in the news? If so then you are on the right track.

Finally, be willing to adapt and meet new people. This is perhaps the best key or “secret” in making ambient awareness work. If you are unable to meet new people then you will be severely hampered in your efforts to market a product based on the desires of people.

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What Search Engines are Looking for in 2013!

  1. the volume of incoming links from similar websites
  2. quantity and quality of content
  3. technical precision of source code
  4. spelling,
  5. functional v. broken hyperlinks
  6. volume and consistency of searches and/or viewer traffic
  7. time within website
  8. page views
  9. revisits
  10. click-throughs
  11. technical user-features
  12. uniqueness
  13. redundancy
  14. relevance
  15. advertising revenue yield
  16. freshness
  17. geography
  18. language and other intrinsic characteristics.

Keep these 18 factors in mind when launching a new SEO campaign for 2013. Content is king, keep your page fresh, relevant and easy to navigate/read and your already ahead of your competition.