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What Search Engines are Looking for in 2013!

  1. the volume of incoming links from similar websites
  2. quantity and quality of content
  3. technical precision of source code
  4. spelling,
  5. functional v. broken hyperlinks
  6. volume and consistency of searches and/or viewer traffic
  7. time within website
  8. page views
  9. revisits
  10. click-throughs
  11. technical user-features
  12. uniqueness
  13. redundancy
  14. relevance
  15. advertising revenue yield
  16. freshness
  17. geography
  18. language and other intrinsic characteristics.

Keep these 18 factors in mind when launching a new SEO campaign for 2013. Content is king, keep your page fresh, relevant and easy to navigate/read and your already ahead of your competition.