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At SEO Solutions, we believe a well-rounded digital marketing and paid search campaign should touch customers in many different places throughout their decision to purchase. This means, using different platforms to engage prospects during their buying journey.

The PPC experts at SEO Solutions have compiled a list of May 2019 PPC updates that you should be aware of. These pay per click updates include information on updates across a variety of platforms including Facebook, Amazon, Bing & Google.

  • Bing Ads is Now Microsoft Advertising: It’s a move to demonstrate that Microsoft is aligning Microsoft Advertising with the broader aspects of search marketing.
  • Facebook has launched a new interface for Ads Manager. It will be effective from May 1. And there’s no way to switch back to the prevision version.
  • Google has postponed the Video campaigns and has launched Parallel Tracking for display campaigns.
  • It is possible that in the near future, product price and seasonality will be taken into consideration as new smart bidding signals in Google ads. Learn more.
  • Instagram is seeing steady growth in term of ad spends and so does the newer ad formats like responsive search ads. We highly recommend reading the Marin’s Benchmark Report Q1 2019 on Most Popular Ad Formats as it sheds light on the latest trends.
  • If you are running Google display ads, then be aware that there is an automated targeted setting that you need to turn it off right away. Although Google says that it targets customers who are likely to convert, but the fact that they have buried it deep in the settings says just the opposite.
  • Bing Ads which is now Microsoft Advertising has launched a new call to action extension. This particular extension help you highlight the CTA on your text ads and those who have participated in the beta have witnessed an average boost of 20% in their click-through-rate.
  • If you are not using responsive search ads, this article might give you some (seven to be precise) reasons to use them in 2019. And even if you decide not to, at least you will have knowledge about it and it will come handy in the future.
  • Here’s an excellent guide on how to graph the new Impression and click share metrics to find data insights in your Google Ads account
  • Amazon is attracting more and more advertisers as businesses are preferring to advertise directly on the E-Commerce platform rather than the search engine. Which means that they are avoiding the first step altogether and jumping straight to the second one & getting good results from it.

These May 2019 PPC updates should help to keep your paid search campaigns headed in the right direction.


PPC Updates for December 2018

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  • Responsiveness is very important because it holds a strong potential for traffic determination. And that’s the reason why Google removed advertisers ability to create or edit standard text for display network campaign. Here’s how you can use it your advantage.
  • Instagram stories are one of the best ways to catch your prospects attention because unlike ads, you get a full page to showcase your message and creativity. In a recent study, Facebook found out the best way to use the Insta stories to drive business results. Here is the link.
  • The new Google keyword planning tool: What’s really new and how to use it to its full potential.
  • Message reporting delivers new performance insights for click-to-message ads.
  • Quora Ads now offers List Match Audiences. You can now upload a list of email addresses and create a List Match Audience on Quora.
  • There are many occasions when we see a spike or dip in the performance & then have to dig into the account for an explanation. Soon it will be a hassle-free affair since Google has announced many productivity updates for new AdWords interface.
  • Promoting apps on Google play is not an easy task. To counter this problem, Google is releasing new ad formats. Learn more about the upcoming ad formats
  • Check out the new ways to fully utilize the combined power of Google & YouTube in AdWords.
  • Is your nonprofit organization involved with the Google Ad Grants Program? If yes then check out this article because the rules have changed.
  • Save time and efforts by using this Free script that automatically puts pivoted AdWords data in a spreadsheet.
  • Pinterest is testing shopping ads format on a much larger scale. Once rolled out, this will automatically turn your product catalog into actionable ads.
  • AdWords Version history lets you see the previous versions of your ads and how they performed. So you can compare all the version and use the one that yields best results.
  • In a bid to make the search engine result page cleaner, Bing has announced that they will soon be removing ride side ads from the SERP.
  • Some networks are better than others for targeting particular audience segments. Here’s how to choose the right platform.
  • Bing ad’s Account level association for ad extensions allows you to add and edit ad extensions at the account level.
  • The ADworld Experience 2018, the largest PPC only event in the world has released their detailed agenda. Have a look.



Google Adwords Updates for March 2018



The holiday season has passed but PPC can still be a great tool for marketing your business online. Here are some tips to help you save money on your PPC Campaign. Some advice that will help you avoid making beginner SEO mistakes.

Neglecting your daily spend

Recently Google has allowed the advertisers to go over their daily spend budget. You can almost double the spending. Although they say that they will even the overspending over a 30 day period, it’s not recommended. Closely track the conversion level and spending and avoid exceeding the daily limit.

Using the same ad copy

PPC is all about experimenting. You will have to keep trying something new to get better results. Using the same ad copy, again and again, will make your ads monotonous and drastically reduce the click-through rate. Spend time in crafting engaging & original ad copies. Include numbers, geographies and other factors into the ad text.

Landing pages not reflecting offers

Matching query intent to content is an absolute must. If you notice that your bounce rate is way too high, it’s probably because your landing page is not in sync with the ad copy. Suppose you are offering a 40% discount on some products and that product is nowhere to be found on your landing page, then the visitor will feel betrayed and leave the site immediately.

Ignoring your Google merchant feed

If you are using product listings ads, make sure to push the latest feed with the most precise product attributes. The price, color, model and everything else should be pitch perfect.

Re-targeting carelessly

Re-targeting is considered one of the most profitable marketing practice. But overdoing it can do more harm then good because people are already bombarded with ads during the holidays season, and if you are not carefully crafting your re-targeting campaign then you are annoying them instead of convincing them.


Pay Per Click Metrics That Matter – Why You Need To Look Beyond The Top Metrics


Paid media platforms such as Google, Facebook & Bing offer an exceptional way to reach to
your targeted audience. Using those platforms, one can not only create brand awareness but
can also generate qualified leads and get conversions. Finding pay per click metrics that matter is a challenge, so read on to improve your PPC campaign and ultimately your business.

Usually, we look at the top metrics while analyzing the performance of our campaigns. Is the
cost per clicks low? How many conversions did we get? How many impressions did we
received, but if you look beyond the top metrics, there lies the original picture. Getting the
audience to click on your ad is one thing, but what we really get from the leads (sales, downloads, phone calls, etc.), in the longer run, should be our main objective.

When you start thinking about the long term, you actually start digging deep and often find
yourself where very few ever cared to reach. It’s one thing that you get a good return on your
investment from one campaign, but it’s entirely different thing to actually utilize those leads in
the longer run. In the other words, you should be focusing on the lifetime value of the leads
rather than temporary gains.

For example, you started a Facebook ad campaign which got your page more likes and
engagement than you expected. But if you are doing nothing to retain the attention your
page received, then all the efforts and money will go in vain.

Start focusing on the post-click experience

Your call to action determines which sales funnel would be better for the potential customers
because it’s never “one size fits all”. You have to set a specific line which your users can follow
and you have to test it out and ensure that it’s working well before you launch the campaign.

  • If you have chosen phone call as a call to action, make sure that you have enough
    manpower to handle the calls. Also, you want to make sure that only the trained
    professionals are answering the calls because if they will be unable to provide
    information instantly, the customer will not take the next step. Also, the wait time should
    be minimum and it should be human on the other end of the phone if you really want
    that click to convert into an actual sale.
  • If the call to action is “Email”, then make sure that you have a proven and tested email
    marketing strategy in place. Getting people to open a promotional or any sales related
    mail is a tough task, but it can be done by employing a good strategy, using compelling
    copies and engaging images.
  • If we are directly trying to get the sales, make sure that item is available. Also, if they
    leave the site after adding the product to cart, reach out to them via email. It will
    drastically increase your chances. Even if they make the initial purchase, stay in touch
    with your customer via mail or social media.

As mentioned earlier, the top level metrics are just the tip of the iceberg. If you really want your
paid campaign to be successful, you must ensure that everything, from the start to beginning is
synchronized to perfection.

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