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How To Make Your Website Visitors Stick Around

8 Ways to Make Your Website Even Stickier Today

One click doesn’t suffice!

You need more clicks and forms filled out to generate as many leads as you can! It’s pull marketing here on the internet!

If you want to attract more customers, monetize your blog, or become a trusted industry leader, you’ve got to keep online visitors clicking around your site (vs. darting off to go check Facebook).

Try these tips to get website visitors to stick around:

1. Add a “Most Emailed” widget (a la The New York Times) on the homepage to arouse interest in viral stories.

2. Shorten every post with a “Read More” link. You’ll get two pageviews per article and make your homepage more inviting by cutting down on bulky text.

3. Include “Related Links” to other interesting content on your site at the bottom of every post.

4. Integrate linkable social media icons into your post template for easy sharing.

5. For the love of user experience, make sure all external links pop up in a new window so your reader stays on your site.

6. Reach out to related bloggers and offer a link exchange so both of you can boost new users and SEO (external links up your Google search rank).

sticky-gum7. Repeat after us: no pop-ups. Ever. A little ad revenue is just not worth the annoying interruption.

8. Always add an awesome image. A picture’s worth a thousand page views.

Try using these tactics and read more on how to make your website visitors stick around by listening to what your customers want and delivering!