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Choose Your Keywords Wisely

Try using long tail keywords to get better SEO Results.

SEO Keywords


Long Tail keywords are 4-5 words (a phrase) and usually include a georgaphic tag.

Example: Window Replacement Company Delaware Valley

Compared to: Window Replacement Company, which other larger companies are putting many marketing dollars behind making it much more competitive and harder to stay at the top of the first page, which is where all the good results are found.

3 SEO Facts that Never Change

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SEO is a long-term marketing endeavor that is a commitment and does not yield immediate results

However, if you do have the budget and patients to wait a few months to see results, the results are some of the highest ROI you can invest in when it comes to marketing. The leading Chicago SEO firm know that it takes a commitment from both ends and only engages with clients if they are ready to stay committed to see the ROI that they deserve.

SEO is about good, relative content that actually helps the web browser find what he or she is looking for.

The Chicago search engine marketing firm commits themselves to building relative content that we tie to your keywords and the good content on your website.

SEO is not for everyone.

Search Engine Optimization is not for all businesses. If people don’t need to come to your website in order to find your business and eventually buy something than it may do little good and actually some harm spending money to promote your site. Businesses that thrive off of referrals and already have a full customer base may find SEO to be of no use. The Internet marketing company Chicago will never try to work with companies that won’t fully reap the benefits of SEO. They only work with businesses that will truly benefit from SEO

Videos & SEO

Videos & SEO is Key

Videos that have good content and key information for potential clients have the power to capture their attention over your competitors. Pictures with relevant information or that are appropriate and appealing can also have a similar effect.

Videos can also be repurposed and posted on your Facebook page, YouTube Channel and many other video submission sites. Not only will this help with your SEO efforts, it will get your companies most important information in front of thousands of eyes.


Video and SEO