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Where Are The Old Reports In The New Google Search Console

Google is slowly moving features and data from the old Search Console to the new one. However, not all are happy with the way data is presented within the new search console because many reports are missing from it. Although Google has promised that all the data will be available in the new version as well.

Google announced via a tweet that reporting features for AMP, Index Status, Links, Manual actions, Mobile Mobile Usability, Rich Cards, and Search Analytics have been successfully moved to the new Search Console.


Here’s a table that shows which reports have been moved where and what are they called.


Takeaway: Google search console is one of the most powerful marketing tools out there. It provides you with invaluable data, so if you are not using it, then we highly recommend reading this guide on how to get your website on search console and start utilizing this powerful tool to the fullest.

And if you are already using the new Search Console, the above table will help you locate old reports. Maybe it will be bit difficult to get used to the new Search Console, after using the old one for years, but as we all know, the only thing constant in digital world is change. So get used to the new interface and use it to your advantage.

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OMG ROI with SEO: Quality SEO Solutions Can Increase Your ROI Exponentially



Whether you are a new entrepreneur, or a well-established business, incorporating search engine optimization is a tried and true process that can increase traffic to your website. An investment in SEO services is serious and can either cause your online presence to soar or flop. You need an SEO company that is invested in your future just as much as you are invested in them. The professionals deliver a return on your investment by building long-term relationships with you. In fact, they should want to work just as hard as you do, and provide a lucrative outcome with an increased profit margin.


Increased Lead Generation with SEO Techniques

Businesses need an increased lead on their competitors, as well as lead generations to increase their traffic. SEO tactics can provide that lead with services that include relevant keyword generation, high-quality links, back-links, the use of innovative technology in digital formats and social media marketing to name a few. All of these aspects can drive new business to your website which in turn gives the potential for an increase return on your investment. Essentially you can get OMG ROI with SEO services provided by competent experts that are ready to streamline your online presence, and provide a scalable and stable pipeline of high-quality traffic in the future.

Watch Your ROI Increase and Grow Over Time

Quality SEO solutions are sophisticated and can be personalized to suit various businesses and industries. It is advantageous for businesses to have an online presence to promote their products and services. SEO experts need to know everything there is to know about your business too. This includes your physical location or locations, social media connections, and past browsing history. This type of information will help them develop the information used to promote your business. This includes finding relative and highly used keywords for your business, and developing back links that will work effectively when they are mentioned on social media sites with the appropriate links that lead browsers to your main website.

Utilize an Integrated Approach Provided by SEO Specialists

Using an integrated approach, high quality SEO companies blend traditional SEO strategies, conversion optimization, e-mail marketing, social media and content creation to steadily improve your ROI. Using a balanced approach enables businesses to benefit from leads from search engines, and increased traffic to their website. Some of the best SEO companies focus on one integral aspect, the ROI of the company they represent.

Every business needs quality SEO solutions from professional SEO companies that can provide positive and steady results. Get OMG ROI with SEO companies that make your successful online presence their top priority.

2014 SEO Changes

2014 Brings New SEO Challenges, and Reliefs!



2014 will challenge all SEO companies and individuals to create content for their clients that is truly worth sharing. WIth Google Authorship rolling out, companies will finally get the chance to claim their content as original content on Google. Additionally, mobile search came a long way in 2013, but it is going even further in 2014.

What does this mean?

Create great content for your customers and claim it! Do whatever it takes, research, employ professional writers and push that content onto social platforms for others to share!Social Media 2014

The content will still be your content (without the chance of competitors simply stealing it – the relief!). This is because Google Authorship allows you to claim your content through your Google+ page.

Guest Blogging

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Additionally, this great content is always useful for guest blogging. But keep in mind that you must find relevant blogs that Google and other search engines truly see as good blogs that are not simply built for the purpose of guest blogging about your company, but about solving a problem, sharing great information or telling a story that helps somebody. Simply reach out to a company that has a blog that is related to your industry and also has many readers. Ask them to share your content on their blog.


This way, your good content is secured through Google Authorship, it is also being shared amongst a relevant audience of a reasonable size. They share the information, a few visits to your website and your good to go! –


Cheers to 2014 SEO – The year of truly great original content and social sharing!

Change is Good

SEO Strategies for 2014

Search optimization has evolved, it is no longer just adding on-page requirements and creating links through any type of link building technique. SEO is now about creating a site that people are going to visit, revisit and tell their friends to visit. It is also about updating your site consistently with great content and useful information. This must be a religious activity that is just as big a part of your business as your product.


How to make your site stand out?

  •  Build good quality links – There is no denying of the fact that links are here to stay. We build links from highly relevant sources which include guest blogs, videos, infographics, local business directories, coupons, etc. making it a diversified backlink profile. We also make sure to diversify the anchor text by lowering the percentage of exact match anchor texts and getting more links for naked URLs, branded terms and variations.


  • Improve your On-site SEO – With the decrease in off page SEO factors, importance of on page SEO has increased. We continue to focus on more on-site optimization techniques which include consistently reviewing and correcting all possible 404 errors, fix duplicate (thin) content on the site, implementing rich snippets, etc.


  • Write good quality content for your site – We understand that having relevant content on your site as per the search engine standards is crucial to success. Apart from this we feature informative content on blog posts (added on the website blog).


  • Implement Google Authorship – Since Google has given clear indication that Authorship will be used as a ranking factor in near future, its better we implement it right away and take advantage of it. It also helps to improve click through rates as well as protects your content.


  • Improve social signals – Instead of doing social bookmarking of the article URLs, we get social signals to those articles ,which will include (either of) Facebook likes, Tweets or Google+ Votes. Client participation is encouraged. We have also included Social Profiles creation as part of our deliverables.


  • Recommend getting reviews on your Google+ local page – We believe this has been mentioned many times earlier but customer reviews are of utmost importance to rank a local website higher. We always recommend getting genuine reviews from your customers.

A Brief History of Keyword Usage

Many content creators have wisely (and not so wisely) used keyword practices as a part of their content marketing strategy over the years. What began with good intentions to increase their ability to be searched by their target audiences soon became a hotbed of questionable black hat SEO tactics as content creators (knowingly and unknowingly) allowed themselves to be drawn in by poor “quick ‘n easy” promises. Let’s take a closer look:

  • Keywords Discovered: “Hey, these keywords are neat and helped me show up on page one. I think I will use more of them.”
  • Keyword Clouds: “I’ll place a widget ‘cloud’ of words on my page to help search engines understand what my page is all about. Look! I can even make the words spin and interact with users!”
  • Keyword Glut: “I NEED MORE KEYWORDS! I’ll just stuff them here, there, everywhere and then I will rule the search – mwhahahahaha!”
  • Keywords Spun: “Quantity is so much better than quality! I’ll write dozens of articles covering the same topic and alter the text ever so slightly. It’s not exactly identical, but it targets the same keywords at least.”
  • Keywords Regulated: “STOP! This is the keyword police. Your content is under arrest. You are allowed one keyword or keyword phrase for every one hundred words. Failure to comply will result in suspension and de-indexing.”
  • Keywords Evolved.

KEYWORD RESEARCH! Essential for Successful SEO

Keyword Research

You need to use keywords throughout your site so it gets listed in the search engine results when a consumer or business conducts a search using those words. Therefore, you need to know what words your target audience is searching for so you can use them in your content. This is called keyword research – first you brainstorm a large list of all the words and phrases related to your business (even ask your clients), then use keyword generator tools to narrow down this list. You also need to look at the competition for keywords and choose more specific words. Keyword research is essential for successful SEO!

Our Chicago SEO Services make sure to properly perform all keyword research!


SEO Solutions, a Chicago Interent Marketing Firm now offers a FREE website audit report for businesses that are looking to engage in Search Engine Optimization. A lot of great websites are constructed in such a manner that actually makes it more difficult for Search Engines to locate and retrieve information from them. SEO Solutions makes sure that your well constructed website is able to be found by Search Engines, so that your consumers can also find your website. We are the best SEO chicago company that you can do business with!

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What Blog to Follow for Great SEO methods and facts

Picture of Matt Cutts - Google SEO expert

– Matt Cutts 

What a Great SEO Genius. If you want to get great tips on SEO methods and actual Google algorithmic facts then follow his blog and his youtube channel (or vlog if you will) closely!

It is now actually known as the Google Webmasters view channel – Enjoy!



3 SEO Facts that Never Change

Just The Facts text picture

SEO is a long-term marketing endeavor that is a commitment and does not yield immediate results

However, if you do have the budget and patients to wait a few months to see results, the results are some of the highest ROI you can invest in when it comes to marketing. The leading Chicago SEO firm know that it takes a commitment from both ends and only engages with clients if they are ready to stay committed to see the ROI that they deserve.

SEO is about good, relative content that actually helps the web browser find what he or she is looking for.

The Chicago search engine marketing firm commits themselves to building relative content that we tie to your keywords and the good content on your website.

SEO is not for everyone.

Search Engine Optimization is not for all businesses. If people don’t need to come to your website in order to find your business and eventually buy something than it may do little good and actually some harm spending money to promote your site. Businesses that thrive off of referrals and already have a full customer base may find SEO to be of no use. The Internet marketing company Chicago will never try to work with companies that won’t fully reap the benefits of SEO. They only work with businesses that will truly benefit from SEO