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Search With Your Camera With Google Lens


Google is big, like really big, like civilization level big! So when a company this big introduces
something, even the most apathetic person gets excited. And this year at annual I/O, They
introduced a lot of cool new things, but the one that got everyone’s attention was the “Google Lens”.

Although there have been several unsuccessful attempts in the past to launch the same technology, this time it looks that the image recognition technology will finally be able to take off. Since the Google’s AI has become more sophisticated, now the Camera lens can be used in many more ways than just taking the selfies. You can now search with your camera with Google Lens.

The main highlights of the Google Lens are:

Business Details: Just point your mobile camera at store fronts and Google will provide you with knowledge graph and other vital details about that business.
Connect WiFi: No need to manually enter the password, just click an image of the default
username and password and your phone will automatically connect to the WiFi.
Image Recognition: Now you can get results based on what you are seeing. Just take a picture
of the flower, you want to know more about, and Google will provide you with all the details.

Exciting isn’t it! Here’s the Google Lens video.

Attention Travelers! Google is Testing a New Hotel Review Interface

When it comes to traveling, pre-planning can make all the difference. Most important of them all is booking a good hotel. It really takes a lot of efforts to find a good hotel within your budget. Google is planning to make it a bit easy.

Google is planning to roll out a new Hotel Review Interface. The new interface provides more detailed information about the hotel including cartoon like graphics that will show how other guests have rated their specific amenities. Also, there will be a collection of third party reviews to increase the credibility. Google will also provide an option to easily filter the hotels based on their reviews.

Here’s a screenshot of the new Google Hotel Review interface.





Large Scale Article Link Building is Now on Google’s Radar


Google has recently published a blog stating that those who are leveraging guest post as a link building technique should reconsider their strategy. They are specifically focusing on the spammy links, that are tagged as a guest post, contributor post, partner post, etc.

Below is the list of things that you should avoid according to Google: Stuffing keyword-rich links to your site in your articles.

  • Stuffing keyword-rich links to your site in your articles.
  • Having the articles published across many different sites; alternatively, having a large
    number of articles on a few large, different sites.Using or hiring article writers that aren’t knowledgeable about the topics they’re writing
  • Using or hiring article writers that aren’t knowledgeable about the topics they’re writing
    on.Using the same or similar content across these articles; alternatively, duplicating the full
  • Using the same or similar content across these articles; alternatively, duplicating the full
    content of articles found on your own site (in which case use of rel=”canonical”, in
    addition to rel=”nofollow”, is advised).

As of now, Google has just warned those who are using these techniques, and they are not
taking any actions. But as we all know, all the warnings are followed by a mass initiative to
counter it. So in case if you or your clients are employing these techniques, then you might
want to reconsider it. Review all the posts, links and remove those who might cause problems
in the near future.
So, how are we protecting our clients?

We have maintained a comprehensive network of sites using which we power our client websites. Here’s how our network helps improve rankings and future proofs your websites.


Link Diversification – Sites performing well in Google have good link diversity. We help you build

We help you build backlinks/citations from diversified sources such as:

  • Local and niche business search engines, directories and review sites
  • Informational content sites
  • Guest blogs
  • Press releases
  • Videos
  • Infographics
  • Coupons
  • Image sharing sites
  • Social profiles
  • Q&A sites and more

Since Google prefers a diversified link profile, we recommend getting links from these sources.
All these sources are a part of deliverables. And we will continue to diversify the link profile by
adding new sources.
Different Class C IPs – Having different Class C IP address for your backlink sources definitely
helps with SEO rankings. We have made sure each backlink property is hosted on a different Class C IP block.
Maximum Uptime – Since our network of sites are hosted with premium hosting plans, there are minimum chances of website downtime. Again, we are notified immediately of such instances which help us get the sites back on track.
Different Domain Registration – Not only Class C IPs, having different registration details also
helps. We ensure that each website within our network has different genuine registration details so that it is difficult for Google to detect and flag the network.
Different Registrant Details – Google itself being a Registrant, it has access to the Whois
information of domains at a global level. To make sure Google doesn’t easily detect our
network, we have different genuine Registrant details for each domain we buy and add to our
Penalty Detection – All the sites within our network are included and verified in Google Search
Console (formerly Google Webmaster Tools). We constantly monitor all websites and make sure
they are free from any Google Penalties. If any of our sites, unfortunately, is negatively affected
by Google, we make sure to delete the website from our network. This ensures our client
websites get links from genuine non-penalized websites.
Powered by Quality Backlinks – We make sure each website within our network is actively
maintained and powered by quality industry recommended backlink sources. This makes sure
that the pages are indexed relatively quickly by Google and helps in improving
authoritativeness of the network.
Secured Network – We have made sure that our network is private, secure and select few SEO
technicians have access to the websites. This ensures that we have full control over the
content that is being submitted to these sites and that the content and sites are spam free.
Unique Content – We ensure that each article is submitted just once to avoid duplication of
content thereby adhering to Google’s guidelines. Also the content is written by professional
American writers having experience in writing for that particular industry.
Fresh Content – Google loves fresh content. Since the content is updated on almost a daily
basis, this ensures that the websites are indexed frequently and pages are latest pages are
included in the Google database.

2017 Google Marketing Next Keynote Speaker Google Sridhar Ramaswamy – Tuesday May, 23 2017

Increase productivity, improve customer reach and simplify the user experience for your customers.

Here are some key takeaways from Sridhar Ramaswamy Senior Vice President of Ads & Commerce for Google.

  • People turn to search in Critical “MICRO MOMENTS”
  • Search is twice as likely to be used than any other online or offline source of marketing.
  • In the Google Search App – 20% of search is now by voice.
  • How to put the consumer at the heart of your marketing strategy.

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