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From now on, call extensions will be automatically generated and will be displayed in Mobile ads.
You don’t need to manually put it in your ads, just highlight it on your landing page and Google
will do the job for you.

Google has predicted that businesses will get 19% more calls from mobile search engines as
compared to the mobile landing pages. After-all, who will not love the convenience of
contacting the business directly from the search.

However, not all business owners will be very excited about this new update because they may
like to be contacted through other mediums and some may not like to pay for the clicks from
search engines.

Business owners can simply opt out by following the below steps:

1. Go to the Ad extensions tab and select “View automated extensions report”
2. The click on the automated extension options (advanced) and then click on Edit.
3. Check the “Do not use specific automated extensions for this account” option available at
the bottom.
Keep in mind that after Feb 6, you will have to remove any automatically generated call
extensions from under the Call extensions section.


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