Top 5 Checklist For Your Website

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I’ve put together my Top 5 checklist below.

If your website is missing or fails any of the things listed below it is highly recommended you give us a call (847.359.6969) so we can either fix them for you, or guide you through the process of fixing them yourself.

1. Your Website HAS to be Mobile Friendly
This one we’ve been warning our customers about for almost 12 months now. I am amazed that nearly half of the small business websites I visit each day are still not mobile friendly. Google have a useful Mobile Checker you can run to check this. It takes about 10 seconds. Here is the link: Google Mobile-Friendly Test.

Here is a great article on the importance of a Mobile-Friendly website: The Importance of a Mobile-Friendly Website

3. Have a Clear Call To Action & Click To Call Button
2. Get Listed on Google Maps and Get Some Google Reviews
Did you know that you only need 5 reviews to get 5 stars next to your business name on your Google Map listings? Get your best customers to review you right away. If you need help with this call us and ask about our Google Digital Marketing Packages.

All websites need a clear and concise “Call To Action”. Do you want your customers to request a quote, maybe fill out a form, or at the very least give you a call. This needs to be clearly communicated on your website. We want you to call us after reading this email. Check out our “Click To Call” button at the bottom of this email.

4. Ensure an Acceptable Page Speed
The speed of your website is one of the many factors Google looks at when ranking your website. You need to ensure you’re at the very least in the “Orange” range when you run this test: Google Page Speed Test.

Online Shops – Extra Tips
5. A Modern 2016 Look
Your site from 2012 just won’t cut it anymore. If you haven’t freshened up the look of your website in the past couple of years now is the time to consider it.

If you’re running an Online Shop the five points above all apply. In addition, you should absolutely ensure you have:

1. A One Page Checkout
Make sure your customers can pay with as few clicks as possible. If you don’t have a one-page checkout give us a call, we can get one installed for you for a minimal cost.

2. An SSL – Security Certificate
Apart from giving your customers more confidence during the checkout process (they’ll see the little padlock) an SSL also gives Google confidence and can contribute to your site’s ranking.

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