How to Build a Killer Content Strategy for SEO Results

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In order to come up with a killer content strategy for SEO, you should have a Chief Content Officer who can champion your content using a mission statement.

Create a Mission Statement

Your mission statement will provide you with the guidance you need to keep your content focused. Your mission statement should provide the answers to these three questions:

  1. Who is my audience?
  2. What can I teach them?
  3. What are my learning objectives?

Create a Content Calendar

 Use the same premise for your content as the best publications out there. Lay out a years’ worth of articles or blogs and have a deadline for their approval and the date they will be posted on your site. Allow the seasons to act as a base. Most businesses have a sales cycle you can use to choose the most persuasive and informative content to publish at the best time of the year. You can then fill the holes with relevant information that will engage your audience and help you create a following.


Tap Your Resources  

Your own team is your best resource for content. They should be experts in their field and should be able to provide ideas and insights into the business. Remember you are trying to create information that will provide a forum for your keywords to help the search engines understand what you represent. Using your own people will add credibility and also offer some authentic personality to your content. It will also help you create unique and authoritative content, SEO strategy’s best friend.


Find a Voice to Represent your Brand

 You need to create a consistent voice that will represent your brand. Are you witty and clever, funny and insightful or solid and trustworthy? If you are the owner of the business consider who you are and if you like your own persona. Also if you are going to feature articles from your team it is not necessarily a bad thing if they use their own personalities as it helps create a sense of diversity with each person coming together offering their own area of expertise. It makes you look well-rounded as long as you don’t come across too disparate.


To Outsource or Not?

 Outsourcing content to a third party can be a great way to get quality content for your company. You just need to find the right person or people that will write your content. Preferably, they will have experience and knowledge in your industry. Once they write a few articles, edit the articles to make minor changes that ensures your brand identity is consistent.

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