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SEO Challenge For the Month! – Checking Your Website!

SEO Solutions is challenging all small and medium sized businesses to do their own internal website check for 2 things! These two things, if corrected, can help improve your websites keyword rankings substantially (as long as other aspects of your websites SEO structure is healthy).

1. Use Google Webmaster Tools for your website http://www.examplesite.com to download a complete link profile for your website. Go through this list of links and make a list of all of the links that are from “sketchy” looking websites, completely unrelated websites and broken links. Then disavow this list of links using the Google Disavow Tool. Learn more on how to do this in our previous blog post – https://seosolutions.us/blog/how-why-to-disavow-broken-spammy-and-irrelevant-links-to-your-website/.

2. Go through your website and check your site with a duplicate content tool to make sure that your websites organic rankings hurt by having duplicate content on the web. Copyscape is a great tool – http://www.copyscape.com/. Once you have identified the duplicate content, make sure that you delete the content if possible or change the content if necessary.

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