Where Are The Old Reports In The New Google Search Console
by adminon 25 Feb 2019

Google is slowly moving features and data from the old Search Console to the new one. However, not all are happy with the way data is presented within the new search console because many reports are missing from it. Although Google has promised that all the data will be available in the new version as […]

2018 SEO Survey & Changes You Should Make in 2019
by adminon 11 Feb 2019

Moz has released the 2018 local search ranking factors last month & it reveals a lot about the upcoming big changes in the SEO world. If you are looking for accurate predictions, or just want to stay updated about the current trends, we recommend reading the full report. 2018 was a good year for Local […]

Are Older Local Reviews Still Relevant?
by adminon 31 Jan 2019

It’s more than an obvious fact that consumers are most likely going to rely on newer reviews than the older ones. Also, in comparison with older people, younger individuals greatly depend on reviews for a number of things. What’s so surprising in this, you would ask? A new study has not only proved these facts […]

Notable Changes in 2018 in The SEO World
by adminon 24 Jan 2019

We have witnessed some big changes in the SEO world in 2018. From big algorithm updates to mobile first indexing & changes in Google search console, there is a lot to catch up on. Search ranking and algorithm updates Speed update. Google pre-announced that they will be launching the Speed update anytime soon in January […]

PPC Updates for December 2018
by adminon 26 Dec 2018

Google extending call and message reporting to more places. Facebook has just released Facebook Attribution that tracks engagement with Facebook ads to give advertisers a clearer picture of their customer journey across multiple channels and devices. Now You Can Shop Instagram via Collections, Video, & Business Profiles. Drive more holiday sales with promotions on Shopping […]

Google Has Release Its Own SEO Tool : WEB.DEV
by adminon 22 Dec 2018

Yes, you read that right. Google has indeed released a new SEO & site metrics tool that helps site owners to get an overall picture of their SEO efforts & overall site performance. However, it’s in beta mode and as a result is kind of buggy, but overall, it’s a useful tool. Since Google already […]

80% of All WordPress Websites Will Be Vulnerable To Hacking At The End Of This Month
by adminon 19 Dec 2018

If you have a WordPress site or manage one for others, then you need to stop everything & check the PHP version of the site. The PHP version 5.6 & 7.0 will no longer receive security patch from 31st December & 3rd December respectively, which makes them very prone to hacking. WordPress has released data […]

Reviews Now Manage Your Business On The Go With New Google My Business App
by adminon 14 Dec 2018

Google announced last month that they are launching a new Google My Business App that provides a host of features that can help small business owners to easily manage their online presence and respond to customers. Following are the biggest features and highlights: 1. Profile Tab Google has made it extremely easy to upload photos, […]

Youtube is Determined To Provide Measurements You Trust
by adminon 10 Dec 2018

In order to help YouTube advertisers drive more conversion, Google added new features that combine the power of YouTube’s creative canvas with Google’s machine learning and measurement solution. YouTube advertisers soon will be able to use a wide variety of ad extensions, so that they can provide interesting information and compel the audience to take […]

Here’s Why You Should Opt For Google’s Local Booking Service
by adminon 6 Dec 2018

Google unveiled the option to book appointments with local businesses directly from the search results in August 2017 and since then they have been pushing it to local business owners in a very discreet manner. Maybe it’s because they don’t want to appear like a pushy salesman. However, this feature didn’t receive the kind of […]