Mobile Marketing is Here to Stay!

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                Mobile marketing delivers results, period. 85% of consumers are searching for local businesses online; however, 63% of small businesses still do not have a mobile website.  Keep in mind that smartphones are always on, always with us and always connected (the typical mobile user spends an average of 2 hours each and every day using their mobile device).

Smartphones are transforming are consumer shopping habits. They are creating smarter consumers, 79% of consumers use a smartphone to help them with their shopping needs. 54% of consumers use smartphones to actually find their retailers; on top of that, nearly 50% of consumers use their smartphones to compare prices. We use are smartphones to find everything from the nearest restaurant, movie show times or to find the nearest store that carries the item we are looking for. Astoundingly, 88% of us use this information to make a purchase within the same day!

Google claims that 95% of mobile users look up local information daily on their mobile devices. Considering 87% of the world has a mobile device, by not having a mobile website, your small business is missing out on large numbers of potential clients. If your website is not able to be found on a mobile device within the next year, don’t plan on beating out your competition for any new business.

Another mobile trend that is on the rise is spending through mobile devices. In 2011, 86.1 billion dollars was moved around the world from mobile devices and this number is expected to rise. What does this mean? Companies that begin to offer a way to pay from a mobile device will experience an increase in their revenue stream.

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