Google Adds 4 New Features To Its My Business Dashboard

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Google has just added some new features to its Google My Business dashboard. Some of them were much awaited while some others are a pleasant surprise. All the new features will not only make it easier for the business owners to manage their accounts but also will provide them the ability to include more analytical data.

Return Customers / Popular Times

This is one of the most awaited features. It was a hefty task to know the exact numbers of return visitors and unique visitors on the site, but now you will be able to see it in graphical format. It will also show you the busiest time so you can make changes accordingly.


Link to Your Restaurant Menu

This new feature is going to dramatically escalate the number of visitors you get to your
website. If you are a restaurant, you can now add the link to your menu directly on the
knowledge panel. However, you can only add one link, so make sure you have your menu
listed on a single page.



Link to Your Services

Just like the restaurant menu, you can now add link to your service page directly on the
knowledge panel.



Get 18 Months of Insight Data

You can now download up to 18 months of Google My Business insights data into a spreadsheet. Anyone with a single or bulk account will have access to it and thus will be able to modify their strategies based on the data.
The Google knowledge panel has eventually become a business’s home page and more and more customers prefer it, rather than going to the business’ website. It makes sense since it is more convenient to get all the information required on the SERP itself.

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