Google’s Mobile First Algorithm


So Google’s mobile first index might go live this month. Although Google has said that those with responsive websites don’t have to worry, but we still think that there will be some big changes as well because this is the first time that a giant search engine like Google is entirely shifting the base. We are resisting our urge to write a long list of predictions & scare you on what might happen, and just providing you with the facts & tips.

– First time ever Google is basing its search results on the mobile version of your site.
– If you already have a responsive website, then you don’t have to worry about the shift.
– However, you’ll need to have your structured data on both, the mobile and desktop version of your site.
– Go to Google console and claim both versions of your site.
– If your website’s mobile version is lacking comprehensive content, then you will lose rankings. So make sure both version of your site have the same content.
– In case you have opted for AMP and don’t have mobile version of your site, then Google will use desktop version for rankings.
– Utilize robots.txt testing tool & make sure that mobile version of your site id accessible to Googlebot.

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