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How to Effectively Plan Web Design/Development

SEO Solutions specializes in providing SEO friendly Design/Development services. We strongly believe that an SEO friendly design does not mean “dull” web sites. Hence many of our sites use Flash animations but are also SEO friendly.

  • Initial Consultation

    During the initial web design consultation we determine goals of your site, your target audience (e.g., business to business, business to consumer), and detailed information about your business.

  • Competition Research

    In this stage we work with the client to identify their major competitors. We review competition web sites and identify strengths of their design.

  • Strategy

    At this point we have reasonable amount of information about the client and their products/ services. This is our springboard in developing a cohesive web site strategy. Without this we have realized that our designs falter. We are also able to review web sites and find their faults because we understand how visitors look in certain places for information.

  • Web Site Design

    We design the entire site based upon the presented ideas and concepts accepted by the client. This includes all the graphics, database layout and design, and other programming required for the site to work correctly. This is the last step to accept changes to design.

  • Web Site Development

    During this step we set the site to go live and ready for business. Depending upon the elements of design the site may partially be up and running.


We offer Two Website Solutions. ALL design work and content within the website is highly customized. All of our website solutions are mobile-friendly.


Basic Solution

The Basic Web Design Solution is perfect for the client who needs to get started with a professional presence on the web. A basic solution website simply means a website that serves as an online brochure. The website will contain general information (plus photos) about a company’s products and services. A brochure site does not have complex or interactive abilities, but it is the clients’ online advertisement/brochure that reaches and speaks to their target market and their target markets needs. The basic site typically displays the companies solutions to their target markets problems.


With the Basic Web Design Solution, you are allowed 10 web pages. Below is a list of common pages found in a Basic Solution web design.

Home Page – About Us – Products/Services – Contact Us  – Employees/Owner Page – Mission Statement – Blog


You can purchase additional pages at a low cost of $200/page.


Business Solution

The Business Web Design Solution is perfect for the client who needs to have a dynamic interactive website with services and/or products highlighted in an eye-catching and user-friendly manner. A business solution website solicits a response from clients through many different forms of call to actions. An interactive site may have content that changes or updates frequently, may request information from the client, and may have complex or interactive abilities.

With our Business Solution, you are allowed up to 20 web pages. Below is a list of common pages found on almost every businesses website. Home – About Us -Services – Mission Statement/Values – Contact Us – Blog – Press Room/News -Registration – Privacy Policy.


You can purchase additional pages for a low fee of $200/page. 

Web Site Design Getting Started Checklist

Any questions you may have will be addressed and resolved at the project scoping meeting. Please note that if you can be detailed about the specifications of your web site design, it will become a reality more quickly, easily, and more cost effectively.

Domain Name

Come up with a domain name. Go with a name that is shorter, rather than longer, and stay within the .com level of domain names. Examples: Microsoft.com and ibm.com. Remember, domain names are not case sensitive. Once your domain name has been established, be sure to include it on all letterheads, business cards, and other promotional materials you have.


Sites you like

Spend several hours surfing the internet for web sites. Take notes about the web sites that you like and what you like about them. You will be addressing the look and feel of your site later in this checklist


Competition or Similar Sites

Research similar organizations or businesses, sites dealing with similar services, products or even your supplier’s web sites. Make a list of content, features, and design elements that you may want on your site.


Purpose and Objective

Think about what you want to accomplish with your web site and explain it in detail. Examples: Give your firm an “Internet Presence”, allow you to sell on the web, provide client information, or display your work.


Audience and Visitors

Come up with scenarios in which different types of visitors come to your site and try to think about how you would address each of their needs. Design your web site from the perspective of your audience; not your organization.


Site Features and Logical Sections

What will your clients be looking for when they come to your site? The features and logical sections you provide on your site are related to your visitors’ scenarios. What do you put in your printed information? What is the purpose and objective of your site? Look at your competition or similar sites for their content and features.


Content and Company Information

What are the top 5 questions people ask you about your products or services? These answers should be on your site and easily accessible. Inventory the content you already have in printed brochures, flyers or newsletters.


Interaction with Clients

Think about how to incorporate interactive features that will allow visitors to provide information, request services, or even order products. These could include special forms, a shopping cart, search, chat, and knowledge base.



After you have created a list of web sites that you like, please select a site similar to how you envision your site. We can take certain elements for each of the sites and combine them to design the look and feel you want.


Links and Navigation

Consider your web site from the perspective of your clients. How will your clients want to explore your site? Why are they visiting your site? How are they going to contact you? From the list of web sites you like, come up with a navigation scheme that you think will look good and give your clients the exploring options they need.


Images and Media

Keep in mind that more graphics and photos increase load time. Put together a file that contains your digital format of your company logo, images of your products and services, photographs of your company buildings, photographs of employees and staff, and video clips.


Colors and Theme

Pick the main four colors for your site. You may locate other web sites that are using the colors that you would like on your site. The main four colors will be used for background, body text, headline text, and links.


Marketing Strategy

Write down three goals for your web site. These goals should be your marketing goals. You will need to coordinate your online and print media design plans. Using a search engine placement service is a very good idea. Will you be using print advertising to advertise your site? Can you collect your clients’ email addresses to send them emails and newsletters?


Maintain Site

Consider who will manage your content or will you give the data to us to update your site. Examples of changing content: announcing upcoming events, reporting new industry directions, introducing new personnel, etc. Your business is not static and neither is you web site. We have Web Maintenance plans to help you manage your site content.


Schedule and Budget

We provide a detailed formal document that includes a schedule and budget that we are committed to keeping. We realize your businesses website a critical touchpoint for your clients and prospects. Our web design services are performed in a timely and professional manner with no hidden costs.

Any web site designer is going to charge you for his time. The more time the designer spends on your site, the more your site is going to cost. Completing this checklist will help keep down the cost. The target date and your budget will help decide the design of the site. A lot of our clients start out small to keep the development cost low. After they see that their web site is a great informational resource for their clients, they update and redesign their sites. The best way to look at where to begin is to design for the next two years. Your company changes and so will your site.

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