The Basics of Search Engine Optimization – SEO

What It Means to be Google, Yahoo and Bing Fit

This simply means that your web site should be in the best shape so that it becomes easily searchable on the three most popular search engines – Google, Yahoo and Bing. Your web site attains search engine fitness when it is in optimal shape for processing by the search engines. Such optimization increases your site’s chance to rank at the tops of search results, which increases web traffic, which improves business results.


The first step toward that is to derive a set of keywords that these search engines love and which will promote your website. As getting the membership of a gym doesn’t automatically build muscles, simply getting keywords related to your web site will not build your web site’s fitness for these search engines.


The content of your web site should be written and/or rewritten with appropriate mixing of these keywords. The incorporated keywords should be as per the norms of search engine rules and policies. Too many keywords could risk the banning of your web site by the search engines, while too few would not deliver the desired results and defeat the entire purpose of adding keywords. Just as the right amount of time spent on exercise would result in superb muscles, enriching the content with the right amount of keywords will result in a search engine-ready web site.


Don’t be Afraid of Spiders

Search engine ‘spiders’ are computers and they use a complex algorithm that our SEO experts understand. Apart from adding keywords to the content, there are hundreds of other factors related to search engine optimization. As a novice if you dabble in this you may overdo things and then risk getting your web site banned (Black-Hatted) from the search engine(s) altogether (not a good outcome). Proper netiquette means walking the line between Black Hat and White Hat SEO practices. Black Hat SEO refers to the use of aggressive SEO strategies and techniques that focus solely on search engines and not a human audience: this is basically gaming the system and is not appropriate for companies with a long-term business model. On the other hand, White Hat SEO refers to the usage of SEO strategies, techniques and tactics which focus on a human audience as opposed simply to search engines, and completely follow search engine rules and policies. In short, Optimization is thus best left to an SEO professional: there’s no point in getting to the top if you don’t stay there. We can help you do both.


A certified fitness coach knows exactly how to target muscle groups to help with growth, appearance and performance. Left to your own devices, you may over-do or work out very little to get any visible benefit. Or worse still, you may injure yourself by not exercising in the proper way. Exercising according to the plan of a certified gym coach will slowly and yet definitely yield results. Similarly, efficient SEO professionals are capable of improving the ranking of your web site through a systematic approach. They would know what keywords to use and how many times in the content. They will suggest creating blogs for your web site and making them popular in social media networks. Other SEO strategies include techniques such as social bookmarking, adding images and creating links that will push up the ranking of your web site. Combining a host of factors, a dependable SEO professional will optimize your web site just as a certified fitness coach combines exercise, nutrition, and rest to shape your body.



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