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SEO Solutions provides professional SEO services and a host of other digital marketing services to Grand Rapids and the surrounding areas. We focus on Search Engine Marketing as a whole, this includes Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Pay Per Click Marketing (PPC), and Social Media Optimization (SMO). We also offer web design and development services and Data Solutions. As a Grand Rapids SEO company, we provide small-to-medium sized businesses one-size-fits-one SEO solutions in Grand


We constantly research and dedicate hundreds of man hours to staying on top of the latest Search Engine Marketing news and trends to keep ourselves and our clients on the first pages of Google, Bing & Yahoo. We also put a tremendous amount of research and effort into our SEO Solutions and search marketing strategies to drive results you can measure. Our goal is to improve the digital presence and search engine rankings of your website and company as a whole in order to bring more qualified traffic to your site. This traffic experiences higher conversion rates, which means more phone calls, contact us inquiries, PDF downloads and/or purchases.



We welcome the opportunity to discuss your companies needs in more detail so don’t be shy, we are here to help! Our Grand Rapids SEO Solutions experts are waiting.

We Specialize in optimization for

We Specialize in optimization for